conservation genetics, biogeography, speciation

PhD Student

University of Veterinary Medicine Hannover, Foundation

ITZ, Ecology and Evolution

Buenteweg 17d

D-30559 Hannover


Email: wiebke.feindt<at>

Phone: +49 511 953-8482


My main research focus concentrates on the effects of past and current changes in environmental conditions (in large and local scales) on species and species assemblages. Hereby I work on population structures, phylogenies, integrative taxonomy and speciation using microsatellites, mitochondrial as well as nuclear markers, and comparative transcriptomics.


As model organism I chose the Insect order Odonata because to their significant role in describing and evaluating fresh water systems as well as the health of ecosystems in general.



Feindt, Wiebke, Ola Fincke and Heike Hadrys.
"Still a one species genus? Strong genetic diversification in the world’s largest living odonate, the Neotropical damselfly Megaloprepus caerulatus."
Conservation Genetics15.2 (2014): 469-481.


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