Personal data

Date and place of birth: June 28th, 1963, Uelzen (Germany)
Nationality: German
Family status: Married, one daughter



I was trained in Zoology by Carl Hauenschild and in Biochemistry by Fritz Wagner (both Technical University Braunschweig, Germany), in marine biology by Peter Frank (Woods Hole), in evolutionary theory by Leo Buss (Yale University, postdoctoral advisor), and in molecular and developmental genetics by Stephen Dellaporta and Frank Ruddle (Yale University, postdoctoral and research associate advisor). My training in evolutionary, genetics, ecological genetics and systematics has arisen from running laboratories at Frankfurt University (Ass. Professor), Freiberg University (Assoc. Professor) and Hannover TiHo University (Full Professor) and from working as a Research Associate in the lab of Rob DeSalle (AMNH, New York). Taking advantage of my multi-disciplinary education I have developed the most primitive metazoan animals, the Placozoa, into an emerging model system for different areas of biological research. For example, the formally monophyletic –but indeed  taxon-rich - phylum Placozoa represents a perfect tabula rasa systematics and provides completely unique opportunities for testing our existing tool kits in animal systematics. 

Education/Academic Positions

09/28 1979  B.Sc. Biology Technical University Braunschweig (TUB, Germany)
04/29 1983 B.A. Psychology   TUB
04/28 1984 M.Sc. Biology  TUB (special honors degree’summa cum laude’)
SS 1987 Marine Ecology' Woods Hole, USA
04/28 1989 Ph.D. TUB (special honors degree’summa cum laude’)
06/06 1994 Habiliation Frankfurt University (Venia legendi for zoology)
5/89 - 3/92 Postdoctoral Research Fellow in the Department of Biology, Yale University, New Haven, USA
4/92 - 5/94 Assistant Professor in the Dept. of Biology, Univ. of Frankfurt, Germany
6/94 – 9/98 Associate Professor (non-tenure) in the Department of Biology, Frankfurt University, Germany
10/98 - 10/99  Associate Professor in the Department of Ecology & Evolution, Freiberg University, Germany
since 01/93 Research Associate Yale University, Dept. of Mol. Cell. Devel. Biology
since 05/94 Research Affiliate at the Am. Museum of Natural History, New York
since 10/99 Professor of Zoology, TiHo Hannover, Germany


 Current Projects:

1. Phylogenetic Position and Systematic Exposition of the Placozoa
2. Placozoan Biodiversity
3. Placozoan Morphology and Development
4. Placozoan functional genomics
5. Placozoan genotyping

Selected Publications: 

(Publications List click here)

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Schierwater B, DeSalle R, Stadler PF, Podsialowski, L, eds. (2012) Mitochondrial Genomes and Animal Evolution. Special volume Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution. Academic Press, San Diego (in press).

Selected Articles:
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